Career Guidance

Career Guidance is a professional assistance system providing career coaching, creating a road map and an action plan for employees or job seekers in today’s business world where survival is getting tougher every day.

HRH provides Career Guidance to employees or job seeking candidates on following circumstances;

  • New graduates who haven’t decided in which field to work for
  • Employees and managers who want to change their jobs
  • Professionals desiring to change business areas in their careers and/or those who wish to pursue a second career
  • Job seeking new graduates
  • Those who want to progress and get promoted in their jobs
  • Those who want to return to professional life after a maternal leave of absence
  • Employees experiencing a decline or standstill in their professional life
  • Candidates aiming at a second career after retirement

A series of interviews are made with the candidate within the Career Guidance scope. Interviews are completed by the mutual decisions of the candidate and the guide until a result is obtained.

These interviews are created specifically to the candidate who has requested guidance, presented within the framework of confidentiality and ethical values and never made with a promise to find a job.

These interviews continue in such a way that the candidate is provided with the insights for becoming aware of his/her own competencies and experiences, seeing and taking the opportunities in business life.

New graduates receive guidance about preparing a CV, deciding on the job area, job seeking, interview and presentation techniques, whereas another candidate preparing for management receives assistance on becoming aware of his/her strong sides and those which could be improved and is guided on how he/she can prepare for a new position and how he/she can improve him/herself.

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