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HRH, providing training and development services to its business partners who want to adapt to the changing and developing current business life and improve their business efficiency, aims at creating maximum benefit through using diverse training methods such as outdoor, e-learning, in-class trainings, conferences and seminars. With an objective to create a difference in this field by creating solutions with its professional and large training team which is “unique” to the needs of its business partners, HRH also contributes to employee development with general participation and internal trainings it organizes and to persons who want to expertise with its certification programs.

Providing support on determination of training needs, HRH also aims at creating benefit on this area for its business partners by using the following tools.

  • Analysis of future plans, strategies and objectives of the organization
  • Outputs of performance management system
  • Data from customer satisfaction and complaints
  • Analysis relevant to employee satisfaction
  • Analysis of employee turnover rates and reasons for leaving
  • Employee competencies and job-task matching
  • Career plans and career objectives of employees
  • Group work and one to one meetings with employees
  • Group work and one to one meetings with managers

HRH uses the necessary follow up, measurement and evaluation systems to transform what’s learnt during these trainings into behavior and aims at maximizing the efficiency to be obtained from such trainings. Especially, in case preferred by the organization, drama techniques may be used as well during behavior oriented trainings.

Trainings on Improving Management Skills

  1. YYG1 - Leadership
  2. YYG2 – Coaching & Mentorship in Management
  3. YYG3 - Performance Management System
  4. YYG4 - Team Building & Development
  5. YYG5 - Organizational Change Management
  6. YYG6 - Motivation Management
  7. YYG7 - Basic Management Skills
  8. YYG8 – Basic Recruitment & Employment Preservation Training for Managers

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Trainings for Physicians and Healthcare Employees

Contents of entire trainings are prepared specifically for healthcare institutions and enriched with case studies and implementations. Contents of these trainings, given by physicians and managers with years of hospital experience, are not standardized but “uniquely” developed in line with the expectations and suggestions of our business partners.

  1. HÇE1 – Time & Stress Management in the Clinic
  2. HÇE2 – Communication with Difficult Patients and Relatives
  3. HÇE3 – Malpractice and Legal Rights and Responsibilities of Physicians
  4. HÇE4 – Effective Communication Techniques in Patient Relations
  5. HÇE5 – Patient Rights
  6. HÇE6 – Patient Satisfaction Management
  7. HÇE7 – Management Skills Development Program for Managing Nurses

Organizational Health Trainings

Since most employees are subject to long, tiring and stressful working environments in business life, they might face losing their psychological and physical health. Against this threat employees encounter with, HRH offers solutions to its business partners desiring to fulfill their social responsibilities while increasing employee efficiency. Trainings, seminars, conferences and coaching services are provided for all employees by specialist consultants such as psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, physical therapists, nutritionists and physicians.

Organizational Healthcare Service is offered under following topics to organizations, however offered as well to individuals who wish to receive such service.

  1. KSE1 – Seminars on Dancing with Life
  2. KSE2 – Seminars and Coaching on Ergonomy in Business Life
  3. KSE3 - Seminars and Coaching on Healthy Nutrition
  4. KSE4 – Basic First Aid Training
  5. KSE5 – Employee Health & Job Safety Training

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Personal Development Trainings

  1. KGE1 - Effective Speech and Listening
  2. KGE2 - Effective Team Building
  3. KGE3 – Effective Phone Conversations

Certification Trainings

1. Basic Level Hospital Management Program
This program, designed for the participation of lower and middle level managers who have experience in hospitals for a minimum of five years, aim at providing a hospital management notion for participants who are at the earlier stages of their career and who wish to progress and seek self development.

2. Advanced Level Hospital Management Program
This program aims at enhancing individual and organizational performances of managers who are actively employed as managers or administrators in hospitals, providing them career advancement and contributing addition of value to their visions.

3. Applied Human Resources Management Certification Program
This program has the objective of adding value in human resource management fields to HR specialists/assistant specialists with maximum 1-3 years of experience in HR department and to new graduate employees aiming at making a career in HR; enhancing their knowledge and skills on entire HR functions and providing them practical experience.

Please find detailed training information in our "Training Catalog".
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