Search & Selection

With its experienced team, HRH provides the optimum candidate for its business partners in a fast and effective way through using efficient interviewing techniques, psychotechnical tests and technical exams appropriate for the position. Evaluating the candidates in terms of suitability both for organizational culture and for the particular position, HRH carries out such activities within strict confidentiality, observing the sensitivity of the organization and the candidates.
We implement our selection and placement process in the following way.

Our Search & Selection Methodology

1 - Organizational and Sectoral Analysis
We endeavor to get to know the sector, organizational culture and objectives of our business partner through analysis. We take action after we determine the expectation from and needs and concerns of our business partner with respect to the open position which we are asked to pursue.

2 - Defining the Position through “Position Profile Form”
We ask our business partner to indicate, on a “Position Profile Form”, the job description for the position, the place of the candidate within the organization, main generic and occupational competencies expected from the candidate, wage and benefits to be offered to the candidate. Thus, we determine all the properties of the candidate we should research before we start searching.

3 - Searching for Candidates
Considering business requirements and the candidate profile determined by our business partner, we perform the search for candidates in the most efficient way by using the HRH database, comprehensive national career portals, sectoral research results and job posts to find the most suitable and optimal person for the position.

4 - Conducting the Interviews
Examining the CVs of the candidates, we list the ones most suitable for the open position. Among this candidate list, we first make a phone interview for a pre-selection. We invite successful candidates for an interview and, through general and competency based interviews conducted by our experienced interviewers, determine the most suitable candidates possessing the qualities required by the position. With various psychotechnical tests (personality, competency, general ability, attention tests) as well as technical exams to measure occupational knowledge, we try to analyze the competency and knowledge levels of the candidates as well as their behavioral potential.

5 - Reporting of Candidates
We report the candidates most suitable both for the position and the organization to our business partners with a “Candidate Evaluation Form”. In these reports, we mention the background information of the candidate, the interview report, results of tests and/or exams as well as a reference search. We have our business partner make an evaluation about these reports and notify us with the list of candidates which they find appropriate.

6 - Bringing the Candidates and the Organization Together
We enable our business partners to proceed with a face to face interview with the most suitable candidates they choose out of the “Candidate Evaluation Reports”.

7 - Candidate Job Placement
We provide the candidate(s), to whom our business partner made an interview or just simply preferred, to be placed in the relevant jobs.

8 - Follow Up of Candidate and Company Satisfaction
After the placement of the candidates, we try to keep close contact with both the candidate and with our business partner to follow up on the satisfaction of both parties. In case the parties are not satisfied and the process in terminated during the two-month trial period, we guarantee our business partner to find and place another candidate.

Executive Search

The objective of HRH during the search and placement process of managers is to evaluate the management candidates in terms of suitability both for the position and for the organizational culture and to place a candidate in the vacant position as soon as possible in compliance with confidentiality principles.

During the manager evaluation period, HRH performs its activities with great care and in strict confidentiality, staying at equal distances to and observing the concerns of both parties.

Project Based Recruitment

HRH also performs mass employment processes for organizations which plan to open new offices, hospitals, departments or have an objective to expand, conducting the selection and placement activities for all positions.

For every office to be newly opened during such project based employment processes, the objective of HRH is to make the new office ready, in terms of human resources, on the opening date determined by its business partner. HRH provides the following services for its business partners for this purpose.

  • Creation of the organization chart and building up of the organizational structure
  • Determining the staff plan
  • Determining compansation and benefits
  • Performing employee search and placement process (interviews, tests and exams)
  • Placing the candidates most suitable for the organization’s structure
  • Giving all the trainings in line with the needs of the organization
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