Organizational Development Solutions

While developing solutions in the organizational development area, HRH installs the entire human resources system and provides support for its business partners who desire to outsource this service. HRH also performs employee/patient satisfaction surveys and conducts confidential patient/virtual patient studies to contribute to such activity, providing significant value addition to its business partners who wish to obtain more efficient results with less cost.

Installation of Humans Resource Management Systems

HRH configures and installs the systems for all human resource management functions in consideration of sensitivity, diverseness and needs of its business partners. Necessary infrastructure works are carried out to provide for the development and continuity of such systems which are installed by experienced human resource consultants.

1 - Performance Management System
When the performance management system is configured, it is critically important, with respect to enabling the system achieve its objectives, to clarify how the outputs of such a performance management system will be utilized, decide on which evaluation method(s) will be used, determine critical success factors and the evaluation period.

One or more performance evaluation methods out of the ones indicated below may be configured simultaneously to be used in line with the needs and expectations of the organization.

  • Target based performance management system
  • Competency based performance management system
  • 360 degree feedback system

The performance management system is not installed just with the aim of measuring past performance, but also determining the potential of the individual and provide his/her development through creation of a development plan.

2 - Search and Selection System
Selecting the right person using the right methods and finding people who could make the most contribution to the organization directly affects employee efficiency and organizational loyalty. HRH performs the processes of creating a staff plan, building up of organizational structure, preparation of job descriptions, determination of candidate review and evaluation methods to be used in selection and placement process, installation of all systems needed for clarifying the selection tools under this heading.

3 - Career Management
HRH deals with attracting successful employees to the organization, providing for permanence of successful employees within the organization, preparation of successful employees for the future of the organization, implementing manager development programs, linking career management with performance and training management systems under this area.

4 - Training Management System
This area includes determination of trainings employees need to take from the beginning of their employment, associating existing titles within the organization with the trainings, determinations of compulsory and optional trainings for the organization, associating the trainings with performance and career management systems, installation of all the systems needed for determination and training of trainers.

Employee Satisfaction and Loyalty Survey

Research made on employee satisfaction and loyalty is presently used as an essential management tool for many organizations. Such research aims at determining what employees think about “their organization” and “work environment” as well as spotting the point to be improved and improving them. Some organizations solve the issues relevant to employee satisfaction and loyalty, whereas many others may prefer to have such research made by independent firms to better achieve objective results. HRH provides support to its business partners in implementation and reporting of the survey, determination of points to be improved and preparation of improvement plans.

Advantages of employee satisfaction and loyalty surveys for the organization;

  • They determine the strong points of the organization as well as those to be improved
  • Determine the motivation levels of employees
  • Measure the loyalty and satisfaction levels of employees with respect to the organization
  • Allow organizations to determine the needs of employees
  • Contribute to determining the developmental needs of employees
  • Determine opportunities for improvement
  • Measure the efficiency of human resource implementations

Patient Satisfaction and Virtual Patient Survey

HRH both installs patient satisfaction systems for its business partners and also determines, through virtual patient surveys, the points in the organization which need to be improved with respect to patient satisfaction and provides solutions accordingly.

Research made has shown that 90% of patients do not direct their complaints to the relevant organization and a majority of them do not prefer again the organization about which they had complaints. We have observed that many healthcare organizations which only consider incoming complaints do not follow up why, where and when they lose their patients, neither can they calculate how much such patients cost the organization.

With virtual patient surveys, face to face meetings are held with the organization for which the research will be made, and also a satisfaction survey is conducted through virtual phone conversations, thus the troubles within the service processes are determined and data providing basis for improvement activities for these organizations is obtained, making significant contributions to service qualities.

It is important to determine the areas to be improved and to start such improvement process on such areas after such virtual patient surveys and reporting of their evaluation results are completed.

As may be seen in the following research, attitudes and behavior of employees have a significant impact on patient satisfaction. Following factors, in the given order, affect the patients’ preferring the hospital again ( Lewis, Steiberg, Esatoğlu );

  1. Doctors’ attitudes
  2. Trust in the organization
  3. Nurses’ attitudes
  4. Overall comfort of the hospital
  5. Being informative
  6. Nutrition
  7. Bureaucracy

Establishment or improvement of patient satisfaction systems in line with the needs of the organization and starting training and development activities focused on employee attitudes & behavior will also serve for virtual patient research purposes.

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